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Up in toke: Cannabis farm fire leaves kids vomiting in the street

Up in toke: Cannabis farm fire leaves kids vomiting in the street
Children were left “vomiting in the street” after a cannabis farm burst into flames in Greater Manchester, emitting a pungent smell in a quiet cul-de-sac.

Neighbors said they watched on in horror as a blaze tore through a home in Weaste, Salford on Tuesday night, and the smell filled the air.

“I was sat in my house with my granddaughter when I saw the flames,” neighbor Gaynor Turner, 53, told the Mirror.

“The dog was hanging out the window trying to escape. The smell was horrendous – it was so strong.

“Once the flames were really high and the smoke was coming from the roof, you could really smell it. It was disgusting.

“One of my neighbors came into my house with her five-year-old, who was sick everywhere because of the fumes.

“I’ve lived here for 17 years. I can’t believe there was a cannabis farm there.”

Another neighbor, who did not want to be named, said: “It was very strong, you could feel it on your lungs.

“Someone was joking that we should have been grateful because it was a ‘free high.’”

Neighbors say they did not know cannabis was being grown there and were shocked to learn that there was a pot farm operating on their street.

Firefighters tackled the flames, but the roof was left badly damaged.

No one was inside the property at the time, but a dog was rescued by firefighters.

A 43-year-old man has been arrested since the cannabis farm was discovered, with Greater Manchester Police saying he has been jailed pending further enquiries.