UK TV station shuts down for an hour, asks couch potatoes to exercise instead

© Neil Hall
UK broadcaster ITV shut down all seven of its channels for an hour on Saturday morning and asked its viewers to do some exercise.

The move was a not-so-subtle attempt at motivating its viewers to join one of the many sports clubs which are open to the public for free this weekend as part of a national “I Am Team GB” event. 

However, many viewers took to Twitter to tell ITV the only body part that got some exercise was their thumb when they were changing the channel. 

ITV are no doubt hoping the PR boost will help make up for lost ad revenue and it seems the promotion may not have been a total bust. 

As one Reddit user commented, his usual Saturday morning parkrun had a noticeable amount of first timers.

If instead of watching TV a hundred thousand people across the country did some exercise then that is surely a good thing,” wrote Andydotnet.

On a side note I got overtaken by an eight-year-old Somalian kid, so it's possible that they've found the next Mo Farah,” he added.

And then there’s this guy...