One-million-dollar jam: Lamborghinis bring traffic to a standstill in Birmingham

© Bass Jass
A street in the city center of Birmingham was blocked by a fleet of Lamborghinis worth more than £1 million ($1.29mn). The five supercars were “abandoned” in the middle of the road, as their owners reportedly went to attend a wedding in the vicinity.

The cars completely blocked the narrow road, leaving irate drivers in a traffic jam. The owners had allegedly “dumped” their vehicles and headed off to a wedding being held at a local venue. 

While many onlookers marveled at the supercars, not everyone was impressed, with one local bar owner calling the incident “horrendous.” 

“This is just a regular occurrence; they turn Hurst Street into a car park. It is simply not accessible, especially on a weekend,” Garry Prentice told the Birmingham Mail. 

“I’ve even put cones outside on the road to stop people parking there, but they just remove them,” he added, mentioning that he had contacted the local police, but nothing had been done about the incident.

However, it turns out that the whole event may merely have been a stunt put on by a local millionaire. 

Teenager “Lord” Aleem told the Birmingham Mail that he had provided the five supercars, while writing on Twitter: “be glad I make the city look good.”