Not Brussels! Hoax report of Russian nuke attack sends Scottish dad into a panic (VIDEO)

Not Brussels! Hoax report of Russian nuke attack sends Scottish dad into a panic (VIDEO)
A video of a Scottish man falling for a fake news bulletin announcing an imminent nuclear attack against the UK has gone viral.

Billy Fraser’s hilarious reaction to a staged news report warning that the world is about to end was filmed by his daughter, Dawn.

The full video, which runs 14 minutes, was posted online last Saturday and has already received over 60,000 views.

Dawn tricked her father using carefully edited videos of a nuclear attack warning.

As Fraser paces around the room, a television news presenter can be heard announcing that Russian troops are attacking Eastern Europe.

A message can be heard on the televisions saying: “This is an emergency broadcast from the BBC.

Confirmation of a nuclear attack against this country has been received. Please stand-by for further information, this is not a test.

Fraser reasons that because his family live just 32 miles from Falsane – the home of Britain’s nuclear submarine fleet – they are likely to be a target. He panics and suggests driving north.

Jump in the car, we’re getting the hell out of here,” he shouts.

What do you want to do? Do you want to sit here do nothing? Jump in the motor. Falsane is down the road, we’re going north.”

At this point his family can’t contain their laughter any longer and finally let him in on the prank.

I’ve sent a f***ing email!” he yells, before angrily leaving the room.

Posting the video online, Dawn says her father’s reaction was “priceless.”

So I decided to prank my dad with a FAKE nuclear attack on the UK..... I put on a FAKE BBC News report on the TV via YouTube! His reaction is priceless..... It could happen and if it does..... Go NORTH!!! I’m going to hell!!!!!!

She added: “He doesn’t take too kindly to pranks as you can see at the end... Also has severe anger management issues (like most Scottish men!)