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‘Distressing’ footage of hit-and-run attack released by UK police (VIDEO)

‘Distressing’ footage of hit-and-run attack released by UK police (VIDEO)
Police have released “distressing” CCTV footage of a man being thrown 15ft into the air after being struck by a car in Norfolk. Authorities hope the footage will help in their bid to catch the driver responsible.

Police are treating the incident, which happened at 12.55am local time on July 23 in North Walsham, as attempted murder.

The video shows a dark-colored car, believed to be a blue Peugeot 307, speeding around a corner before entering a parking lot and driving into the 30-year-old man, who was with two other people.

Norfolk police say the victim, who suffered a broken pelvis and leg injuries, was hit with such force that he landed 15ft from the point of impact.

The car then circles the parking lot and drives at the man a second time. Despite his injuries, the man can be seen crawling out of the way of the second attempt just in time.

The victim was taken to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, where he remains in a stable condition.

“The footage we have released today is shocking and I appreciate some people could find it distressing,” said Detective Chief Inspector Stu Arnes.

“However, it reflects the seriousness of the incident and how it could have potentially fatal consequences for the victim.

“The victim has suffered serious injuries and has been left extremely distressed by his ordeal.

“Whilst the motivation for the incident remains unclear, we are treating it as attempted murder and at this time we believe it is an isolated incident.”

Arnes said he wants to identify the driver of the car and also up to three other people who were passengers, one of whom is female.