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28 Jun, 2016 12:10

‘You’ve never done a proper job in your lives!’ Farage booed as he mocks EU parliament

‘You’ve never done a proper job in your lives!’ Farage booed as he mocks EU parliament

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has mercilessly trolled the European Parliament before warning them the UK will not be the last country to leave the EU.

Farage was addressing the European Parliament during an emergency session to debate Brexit.

The debate saw insults fly across the chamber and culminated in a call for Britain for trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begin exit negotiations immediately.

Farage later claimed he was only responding to “an absolute torrent of abuse” he received on entering the Parliament.

Farage was jeered as he told MEPs: “You’re not laughing now.

Isn’t it funny? When I came here 17 years ago and I said that I wanted to lead a campaign go get Britain out of the European Union, you all laughed at me.

Well, I have to say, you’re not laughing now, are you?

At one point in his speech he taunted MEPs for having never worked outside European politics.

I know that virtually none of you have never done a proper job in your lives, or worked in business, or worked in trade, or indeed ever created a job. But listen, just listen.”

He went on to sarcastically congratulate the EU on its many achievements.

Just look at the Mediterranean. As a policy to impose poverty and the rest of the Mediterranean, you’ve done very well.

And you are in denial over Mrs Merkel’s call last year for as many people as possible to cross the Mediterranean into the European Union. [It] has led to massive divisions within countries and between countries.”

Farage said EU technocrats were “in denial” over the European project and the failure of the single currency.

He went on say the “ordinary people” who voted to leave the EU “rejected the multinationals, they rejected the merchant banks, they rejected big politics.”

Farage ended by predicting the UK “will not be the last member state to leave the European Union."

If French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has anything to do with, the next country to leave the EU will be France.

The Front Nationale leader hailed Brexit and called on MEPs to “put away those sulky faces, put away those angry looks and rejoice in the free and great emancipation” of the British people.

Le Pen added she is “committed to pursuing the path of liberty” for France.

Meanwhile, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker accused the UKIP leader of lying and “fabricating reality” in the referendum campaign.

At the end of the debate, MEPs voted in favor of a motion urging Britain to begin formal exit negotiations immediately by triggering Article 50.

Juncker opened the debate by telling MEPs he was sad about Britain’s decision to vote for Brexit, but that the EU must respect British democracy.

Juncker said Farage “lied about the budgetary aspects” of the UK’s membership of the EU, before suggesting Britain may not have voted for Brexit if it knew the true figures.

The Vote Leave campaign controversially claimed Britain sends £350 million (about US$460 million) a week to the EU, a figure which has been widely discredited because it does not take into account Britain’s rebate.

A truer figure is £136 million a week, after taking into account the rebate and EU spending on the UK.

Farage also backtracked on a promise to see this £350 million invested in the National Health Service (NHS) – rather than the EU – within hours of the referendum result being announced last Friday.

You told us a few days ago that you made a mistake on the budgetary aspects of what was at stake in the relationship between the UK and the EU,” Juncker told the UKIP head.

If you’d said that before the vote, then I wouldn’t need to congratulate you [on winning the referendum]. But you lied, you didn’t tell the truth. You fabricated reality.

Scottish National Party (SNP) MEP Alyn Smith received a standing ovation following his emotional call for the EU not to forget Scotland.

The people of Scotland, along with the people of Northern Ireland, London and lots of people, voted to remain within our family of nations,” he said.

Please remember this. Scotland did let you down. Please, I beg you. Do not let Scotland down now.”

Some members of parliament were enthusiastic about Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson meanwhile asked the EU to respect Northern Ireland’s vote to remain in the EU.

You in the EU, you have supported [the Irish] peace process and I ask you to continue to do that.

Sinn Fein, we worked for a strong Remain vote, on the basis of another Europe. A more social Europe, a more democratic Europe.

The EU must change if it is to survive,” she added.