Suspicious wife attaches GPS tracker to husband’s car, triggering bomb scare

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A suspicious wife in Leeds triggered a terror alert after she attached a GPS device to the car of her husband, who then mistook it for a bomb.

The unidentified man, who is a former member of the military, saw the object on his car and immediately called emergency services, telling the operator: “It looks like there’s a viable device in my car.”

Police in West Yorkshire decided the man’s military background made him a viable target for terrorists and launched wide-ranging emergency procedures, which also involved evacuating nearby homes on Providence Avenue, Woodhouse, where the car was located, according to Sky News.

Under the city’s emergency terror plan, preparations for transport and a reception area for evacuees at a community center were made while orders had also been given to evacuate local schools.

Luckily, the bomb squad eventually realized what the item was in time to call off the large-scale operation, concluding that it was, in fact, a GPS device.

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It was only around 11 a.m., an hour after emergency services had been alerted, that the woman sheepishly admitted she attached the tracker to the car for “unknown” reasons.

Police did not comment on any motive, but confirmed that officers were called out in response to a “suspicious” package.