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British toddler ‘Jihadi Junior’ smuggled from Syria to Sweden for medical treatment - reports

British toddler ‘Jihadi Junior’ smuggled from Syria to Sweden for medical treatment - reports
A British four-year-old dubbed “Jihadi Junior,” who has frequently appeared in Islamic State propaganda videos, has been smuggled from Syria into Sweden by his mother for an operation, reports suggest.

Isa Dare’s London-born mother Grace, 24, is thought to have taken her son from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) stronghold Raqqa to Sweden after suffering illness for some months.

Grace, who renamed herself Khadijah after leaving her home in Lewisham, southeast London, traveled to the Middle East with her son in 2012.

The Sun newspaper says it is possible the pair passed through nine countries to reach Europe, yet were not challenged on the 2,000 mile (3,000km) trip or in hospital.

Sources told the newspaper Grace chose Sweden because she was married to a Swede, Abu Bakr, after joining the terrorists. He has since died fighting.

“Isa had to have an operation weeks ago. He and his mother were in Sweden after she left Syria but no one knows how she managed to get out,” the source said.

“She may have used another identity to get there but Isa is very recognisable so it was quite a feat. She was not detained or stopped which is incredible given their notoriety.”

The boy first came to prominence in February when he was seen in a film released by the terror group, saying:“We will kill kuffar [non-believers] out there.”

In the footage he is seen standing beside a masked jihadist, who says, with a British accent: “David Cameron, you sent your spies to Syria and you authorised your men, thousands of miles away to push a button to kill our brothers who live in the West.

“So prepare your army and gather your nations for we too are preparing our army for our meeting … at Dabiq [site of a prophesied clash with the West].”

Four prisoners are then seen in a car. Dare presses a detonator, seemingly destroying the vehicle and its occupants. He then poses next to the wreckage, shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Isa and Grace’s current location is unknown, the source told the Sun.

“Her whereabouts are unknown, but as far as anyone knows, Sweden was the last place she has visited.

“I don’t think she’ll return to Britain because she’s so afraid of getting caught,” the source said.