What if it happened here? Hard-hitting video casts British child as fleeing refugee (VIDEO)

© SaveTheChildren
Save the Children UK has released a powerful campaign video depicting a British child fleeing a hypothetical war-torn London in a bid to highlight the reality for thousands fleeing conflict for the safety of Europe.

The video, a sequel to the charity’s ‘Most Shocking Second a Day,’ which amassed more than 50 million views, shows 12-year-old Lily’s journey as she escapes the UK in search of safety.

Risking their lives in overcrowded boats, frightened and vulnerable, a total of 325,000 children have now crossed the Mediterranean and the Aegean, fleeing war, poverty and persecution, Save the Children says.

The charity estimates 340 children have drowned since September - an average of two per day.

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The charity’s interim chief executive Tanya Steele says there is a generation of children who have lost everything - their homes, education, families and in some cases their lives.

“Save the Children is calling for more support for children fleeing their conflict zones. We want a new deal for refugees, to ensure every child gets an education, protection and a fair start in life.

“Unless the international community provides safe and legal routes to families fleeing war and persecution, children will continue to undertake dangerous journeys in search of safety,” she said.