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#4Demands: Masses take to London streets protesting Cameron & austerity (VIDEOS)

A huge number of people from across the UK marched in London, calling for an end to government austerity measures and the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron.

It's estimated up to 150,000 people, including demonstrators from trade unions and a range of organizations campaigning on health, education, housing and jobs joined the march.

The anti-government rally kicked off at 2pm and reached Trafalgar Square, where anti-austerity councillors and event organizer the People's Assembly Against Austerity addressed the crowd.

Today’s rally follows last Saturday’s protest, which saw crowds gathered outside 10 Downing Street demanding Cameron’s resignation in the wake of the Panama Papers leak that exposed his late father’s offshore dealings.

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Today’s protest sees thousands of people, including children, calling for an end to public service cuts in a defiant but upbeat atmosphere.

“Tories out, refugees in”, “Down with dodgy Dave”, “Cut war not welfare” and some “Oink, oink” noises are just some of the rallying cries being used in addition to a huge variety of signs, songs and chants.

The protest was live streamed on RT.

#4Demands trending

The hashtag #4Demands was one of the top trending topics in the UK today, with almost 72,000 tweets posted.

Many people have also taken to social media to point out the lack of coverage of the demonstration on mainstream media, in particular public service broadcaster, the BBC.

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell told RT that the size of today’s protest ought to have generated a much greater degree of media coverage.

"I think it has been unfair and I will be supporting efforts to hold broadcasters and other news media to account because it isn't’ right that this huge outpouring, which represents not just the possible 150,000 who marched but probably the millions more who support the same principle that austerity has got to stop - their voices ought to be heard," he said.