‘Why are you dressed like that?’ Veiled Muslim woman films verbal assault (VIDEO)

‘Why are you dressed like that?’ Veiled Muslim woman films verbal assault (VIDEO)
A London father has been filmed hurling abuse at a young Muslim woman wearing a full-face veil while out shopping.

The man, who remains unnamed, called Ahlam Saed “Batman” in front of his two children. He then repeatedly asked her: “Why are you dressed like that?

Saed, 25, filmed the altercation and uploaded the video on Facebook along with a post denouncing the “ignorant” man.

According to Saed, the man even sang the Batman theme tune at her.

At one point, the unnamed man says to Saed: “My kids can’t even see your face. How do I know if you’re a man or a woman?

You’re ignorant,” Saed responds. “You need to grow up and stop teaching your kids that.”

The man then says his Batman comment was a one-off remark and apologizes.

However, he soon launches into a second wave of abuse, prompting concerned shoppers to step in to protect the young woman.

The man relates a story about a “white girl who married a Muslim dude” who he alleges has “photos of [an] ISIS flag on their back wall.”

At one point the man asks Saed angrily who she is, saying: “I’ve lived here all my life.

In a Facebook post written after the incident, Saed said his daughters were “scared and crying” during the altercation.
Since posting the video online, Saed has received hundreds of comments offering praise and support for her defiance.

The Metropolitan Police said it is looking into the incident as a potential hate crime.