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Boobie trap: ‘The Sun’ run cleavage competition, receive trolling topless male pics (PHOTOS)

Boobie trap: ‘The Sun’ run cleavage competition, receive trolling topless male pics (PHOTOS)
British tabloid The Sun should know that when you ask the internet for something the response is liable to be the exact opposite - which is why its staff are now sifting through photos of hairy man boobs.

The newspaper, well-known for its obsession with the female bust, is being trolled online for its decision to run a £1,000 cleavage photo competition asking for “boobalicious entrants”.

Editors of the tabloid were almost certainly expecting the Bust of Britain competition to attract women and their “busty selfies”.

However, in a tweet displaying a woman in a revealing bikini top, the newspaper failed to take into account that many men have a rack of which to be proud. Cue Twitter becoming awash with male boob pics.

One of the most retweeted entries has been of British Prime Minister David Cameron strutting his stuff like a Baywatch babe on the beach.

Meanwhile, an image of London Mayor Boris Johnson and the Tory leader on the tube has been entered as “crackin’ pair of tits”.

Scores of men have been striking their best Page 3 pose in bid to take home the cash prize before the closing date of April 10.

Photos of male celebrities have also cropped up in the online competition, like Simon Cowell, Jack Nicholson, and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. Now that’s just cruel...