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Meals to die for? Soldiers share photos of mold & maggots in army issued food

Meals to die for? Soldiers share photos of mold & maggots in army issued food
British soldiers have taken to social media to share shocking photos of meals allegedly prepared for them by Ministry of Defence (MoD) contractor Sodexo as they petition the government for better quality food.

Military personnel across the UK have posted pictures of revolting meals allegedly served in army mess halls.

The nauseating photographs show maggot-infested tomatoes, raw chicken, and moldy eggs covered in green spots.

In an open letter to the MoD on Facebook, “Alfie” asked military top brass whether they would serve the same food to their children for dinner.

Would you feed a homeless person undercooked or raw chicken? Would you serve it to a paying customer in a restaurant? Would you feed it to your kids for their dinner? I would like to think the answer to these questions is no, of course not. So why is the answer yes to serving soldiers paying for these meals?

I have taken the time to put a few photos together so you can see what the blokes are being served. We all know these complaints fall on deaf ears. I have already posted these questions, along with images, to Sodexo for response.

Unfortunately, these posts have been deleted and I have now been blocked by Sodexo UK. I’m sure you’re as troubled as I am to see moldy eggs, undercooked chicken and maggots in tomatoes served to our service personnel,” Alfie added.

Sodexo, a private contractor, provides catering services to more than 80 Army, Navy, and Royal Air Force (RAF) sites in the UK.

It is not clear when or where these photographs were taken.

A petition has been launched on the official UK Parliament website calling on the MoD to investigate the standard of food served to military personnel.

I have witnessed the standard of food served to the military. Sodexo provides unhealthy food cold and substandard services. Government spend less per head on a soldier than it does on a prisoner,” said Claire Wingate, who created the appeal.

Sodexo said it is aware of the recent complaints and has asked customers to contact its team.

We are aware of the recent complaints which have appeared on social media over the last week,” the company said in a statement.