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4 Feb, 2016 15:38

Israeli ex-ambassador fled London after ‘repeated security breaches’

Israeli ex-ambassador fled London after ‘repeated security breaches’

Israel’s former ambassador to the UK, whose name was flagged in an alleged scandal, returned to Israel after receiving a number of official warnings about security breaches at his London home, it has been revealed.

According to the Guardian, Daniel Taub, who served as ambassador between 2011 and 2015, was warned about breaches to security which involved late-night visits to his home.

The former ambassador was identified in Israeli media earlier this week amid allegations that a senior diplomat in Europe had been involved in a scandal.

According to Israeli news site Ynet, Taub had a habit of bringing “men home without reporting them to the embassy’s security officer as required by security procedures.” However, the claims circulating in Israeli media are completely unsubstantiated.

Taub was questioned by Israeli authorities about the visits, but they did not stop. He then decided to return to Israel.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied all claims Taub had been involved in any scandal, insisting there had been “no criminal or disciplinary” behavior.

Originally born in Britain, Taub gave up his citizenship over three decades ago and moved to Israel. He was then posted back to England in 2011, where he served as ambassador for four years.

Taub was planning to stay in the UK and extend his posting by another year, but returned to Israel in June 2015. His position will be filled by Mark Regev, who currently serves as Benyamin Netanyahu’s foreign language spokesman.

The role of Israeli ambassador to the UK is currently unfilled.

Taub is a contender for one of Israel’s top political jobs – the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s chief legal counsel. It has been reported that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netyanyahu backs Taub as the leading candidate for the job.

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry said it is “disgusted” at the claims.

It told the Guardian it “expressed its disgust at the publication of untruthful allegations regarding one of the finest members of its foreign service.”

“The ministry emphasizes that following a thorough investigation by the inspector general of the ministry, it was determined that there had been no criminal or disciplinary wrongdoing and that the issue related to a breach of security protocol. The issue has been addressed and concluded.”

Taub has also been involved in the Israel-Palestine peace process and attended Israel-Syria negotiations.