Sky News host faces Twitter backlash over ‘inane’ Corbyn interview (VIDEO)

Sky News host faces Twitter backlash over ‘inane’ Corbyn interview (VIDEO)
News presenter Eamonn Holmes has been accused of patronizing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn by asking him “inane” questions during a cringe-worthy interview.

During the 12-minute interview the Sky News host used football analogies, described Corbyn as a “hippy,” compared him to a “religious leader” and asked him questions about the tie he wore during his conference speech.

At one point Holmes appeared to grow bored with the Labour leader’s response to his question, saying: “I’m sorry to interrupt you, I know you were saying lots of things.”

Holmes began the interview with a football analogy which, it quickly became apparent, was lost on the Labour leader.

It was a good day but it wasn’t such a good night because I know you’re an Arsenal supporter, we’ll not really dwell on that,” he said, before proceeding to dwell on it.

It was all going so well and then that happened last night.”

Holmes went on to draw his first comparison between football and politics.

I was wondering looking at you yesterday, every young lad has a dream maybe of playing in the FA Cup final and scoring the winning goal and looking at you, the love that was in the room – was yesterday your FA Cup Final?

Corbyn replied: “It was a great day, but it wasn’t a day I spent my life searching for.”

Later in the interview, Holmes discussed Corbyn’s attitude to the differences of opinion within Labour on military action in Syria.

The Sky News host appeared to suggest handling complex internal politics was like managing a football team.

Look, let’s talk football. Your man’s Arsene Wenger my man’s Alex Ferguson. Do you think they go into a dressing room and they say, listen boys, how are we going to line up tonight, what are we going to do tonight?

No they don’t. Fergie always said he had to make it clear, there was one boss. That’s not your way of doing things though.”

Corbyn said: “My way of doing things – because it’s politics, it’s community, it’s people, it’s government – is actually not the same as managing a football team.”

At another point in the interview Holmes compared the Labour leader to a “religious leader” and criticized him for wanting to create more “caring” politics.

However, I put it to you – and I know you’re into caring and respect but that doesn’t happen on TV – but we’ll do the next bit...

Why can’t it happen on television?” Corbyn interrupted.

Well, because people say I’m sucking up to you and I’m being soft and we’re giving you an easy time… you know how the game works, so we have to sort of change it,” Holmes said.

At the end of the interview Holmes quizzed the Labour leader on the tie he wore during his conference speech, insisting that “image is very important.”

Holmes’ closing statement appeared to suggest everyday voters base their politics primarily on how politicians look.

The general populous, they want to know ‘does he look like a prime minister? Does he have the right tie on?’”

Twitter users have been quick to chastise the Sky News host for his “really, really dumb” interview.