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26 Sep, 2015 15:02

This little piggy went to Downing St: Petrified piglet dumped at UK PM Cameron’s residence

This little piggy went to Downing St: Petrified piglet dumped at UK PM Cameron’s residence

David Cameron has been on the receiving end of numerous pig jokes, after revelations he got up close and personal with a hog’s head while at university. However, the joke may have been taken too far after a traumatized piglet was dumped outside the PM’s residence.

The baby pig was taken to 10 Downing Street in London, as a ‘delivery’ for Prime Minister Cameron.

WARNING: You may find language used in this video inappropriate

“We’ve got a delivery for David Cameron. It’s from the Bullingdon Club,” a deliverymen who approached the gates with a pig in a cage said. “If he can’t keep a secret, he’s no longer in the club.”

The terrified piglet was then let out of the cage by the fake deliverymen. The pranksters, who uploaded the video to their YouTube channel Trollstation then abandoned the animal outside the PM’s residence.

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The piglet was taken to a local police station before it was adopted by Surrey Docks Farm.

“They’ve not thought about how this is going to affect the poor little piglet. This is its first experience of the outside world and it has been dragged all over Downing Street and then into Charing Cross police station,” Clarie Elson, the livestock manager from the farm told Southwark News.

“Piglets are normally so friendly and curious, but it is so stressed after such a bad first real contact with people,” she added.

The pig is now looking for a new home.

An unauthorized biography Cameron biography published by Lord Ashcroft alleged on Monday that the PM “put a private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth, while he was a student at Oxford University.