New deal? Welsh magician creates Jeremy Corbyn card trick (VIDEO)

New deal? Welsh magician creates Jeremy Corbyn card trick (VIDEO)
Welsh magician Jeremy Went has created a card trick to explain the political trajectory of the newly-elected Labour Party leader.

In the course of his trick, which he concocted and filmed in the space of an hour, Went covers Corbyn’s surprise ascent to Labour’s top job.

He covers issues of transparency, popularity, public mistrust in politician’s tendency to fail on their pledges and more besides.

The video has clocked up 18,000 views in just two days, with Went, who maintains he is a magician not a politician, telling the Daily Mirror newspaper he “almost didn’t post it because it’s controversial, but the reception has been brilliant.

Everyone has really enjoyed it and taken it as intended – very tongue-in-cheek,” he said.

He uses the video to explain why red, the traditional color of Labour, is better than Tory blue.

I’m not suggesting that Cameron is at all evil,” he said in the short video. “I wouldn’t suggest that. What I am saying is he spends far too long hanging round with jokers who fail to make true on any of their guarantees.

Most magic tricks can be quite dated. They’re not topical. I thought it would be interesting to do a new take on card trick with everything going on tied in quite well,” Went said.

That’s one continuous shot,” he said, explaining his approach.

I try to make things interesting as I can. That’s the main thing, use the trick as a vehicle to talk about things like [politics] rather than the trick for the trick’s sake.

“That’s what makes a good magician,” he added.