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​'Hallelujah!' Blair's resignation as Middle East peace envoy prompts internet celebration

​'Hallelujah!' Blair's resignation as Middle East peace envoy prompts internet celebration
When Tony Blair resigned as Middle East peace envoy for the Quartet group on Wednesday, the internet applauded. From sarcastic tweets to satirical videos, the web rejoiced in his departure and speculated on why he was stepping down.

Implying that the former British prime minister hadn't actually done anything in his eight-year tenure, one person in the Twittersphere decided to compare his legacy with a potato.

The announcement of Blair's resignation took place on Wednesday, after he told officials that he had written to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Following the news, some actually congratulated Blair on his achievements...though we're pretty certain there was a large dose of sarcasm in those tweets.

As peace envoy, Blair was tasked with helping develop the Palestinian economy. However, significant economic strides largely rely on political stability and progress, which didn't happen during his time in office. This has led many to accuse Blair of failing in his role.

But some say that Blair did, in fact, accomplish something – just not anything good.

Drawing from current events, some joked that Blair was leaving his post as peace envoy, but was transferring over to FIFA, currently being investigated for racketeering and corruption.

Avideo montageof some of the reactions was posted to Facebook, beginning with a choir singing “Hallelujah!”But perhaps the choirs shouldn't be singing just yet – because Blair is still officially in office until the end of June.

Meanwhile, some asked how a “war criminal” ever became peace envoy in the first place – though Blair hasn't officially been charged with war crimes for his role in the Iraq war.

Many noted Blair is stepping down right as Britain's Labour party is looking for a new leader.

Others speculated about why Blair was resigning. Though the answers varied widely, they all took up a similar anti-Blair theme.

He's actually thought to be stepping down due to an increasingly strained relationship with Palestinian authority figures.

But regardless of why he resigned, those FIFA suggestions keep rolling in, with many thinking he'd be a perfect president for the organization.

No matter what Blair's future holds, one thing is certain – Twitter will be armed and ready when he announces his next move. Stay tuned.