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Queen's Speech: Anti-austerity protesters gather in Trafalgar Square

Queen's Speech: Anti-austerity protesters gather in Trafalgar Square
Following the official opening of parliament by Queen Elizabeth, thousands of protesters are gathering in Westminster to oppose further austerity and plans to repeal the Human Rights Act. There may be strong language in this video.
  • 27 May 2015

    19:34 GMT

    RT is wrapping up its End Austerity Now live updates.

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  • 19:24 GMT

    An anti-austerity Twitter feed has criticised the BBC for its poor coverage of nationwide protests.

  • 19:09 GMT

    Some protesters are returning to Downing Street, according to Siobhan Robbins at Sky News.

  • 19:09 GMT

    Police block a road in Liverpool in a bid to stop the anti-austerity march there.

  • 19:03 GMT

    Protesters are now marching down Oxford Street, according to reports.

  • 18:57 GMT

    Labour MP and former minister Diane Abbot has expressed solidarity with protesters marching against austerity.

  • 18:50 GMT

    RT's Laura Burdon-Manley reports traffic is being brought to a standstill as protestors stage a sit-in.

  • 18:44 GMT

    Violent clashes have broken out between protesters and police outside a house where an eviction is purpoted to be taking place.

  • 18:43 GMT

    Protesters are clashing with police outside a house, where they are attempting to stop an eviction.

  • 18:38 GMT

    Green Party leader Natalie Bennett also spoke to protesters outside Downing Street.