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​Top of the polls: Britain’s wackiest election voting stations

​Top of the polls: Britain’s wackiest election voting stations
Up and down the country village halls and primary schools are playing host to voters trying to sway the election for their favored MPs. But off the beaten track are some polling stations which have more than a few quirks.

This station will hold you at gunpoint until you vote. Even if you don’t want to. It has no time for your principles.

The horticulture at this station really is beautiful, but, wait, what are they doing to that sheep? Some sort of horrible coalition metaphor?

At least these castles will give you a chance to cast your vote in the peace and serenity of an area steeped in history. It’s likely they’d be hit pretty hard by Labour’s mansion tax, however, so if you needed an excuse to vote Tory…

These polling containers are very ‘efficient’ with space.

At least they have room for adequate facilities, unlike these imposters, who have got a little bit big for their boots.

And a special mention to this bin, which has high hopes, and knows it’s important to dream big.