Huge fire breaks out near BBC, covers central London in ‘thick black smoke’

Image from @timoncheese
A huge fire has broken out on the roof of a building in central London, a short distance from the BBC’s headquarters.

Alarmed workers in the area shared images of the “thick black smoke” fogging the streets of London on social media.

People in the area are using Twitter to warn those nearby to “keep safe.”

Twenty firefighters were called to the scene at 12.22pm to tackle the flames spreading on the rooftop over Great Portland Street.

The London Fire Brigade said the fire was in the elevator motor room of a building that was being refurbished.

However, they recently confirmed on Twitter they had put the fire out quickly.

A spokesperson for the London Fire Bridge said: “Four fire engines and 20 firefighters attended a fire at a building on Great Portland Street.”

“It was very visible and we’ve taken 35,999 calls.”

“The fire is in the lift motor room on the roof. The cause of the fire is not known at this stage.”