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Enjoy your stay, sir? UK hotels have ‘worst service’ in Europe, report finds

Enjoy your stay, sir? UK hotels have ‘worst service’ in Europe, report finds
British hotels have been rated among the worst in Europe when it comes to service and politeness of staff, a new report has found.

More than six million reviews of hotels in Europe on the website Hotel.info, found that UK hotels ranked lower than any other European country except Russia, with an average score of 7.92 for service for both countries.

London was the worst performing European capital, with a rating of 7.73.

Some UK cities were rated more positively. Sheffield’s hotels were said to have the friendliest staff, scoring 8.62 out of 10.

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The friendliest and most polite service was found in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, with a city category score of 8.58. The county category winner was Finland, with an average rating of 8.62 out of 10.

“For many years now we have observed a considerable increase in positive evaluations in respect of the quality of service,” the German company said in the report.

“However, if the traveler is expecting the legendary British politeness, the actual result is less than satisfactory.”

The Midlands city of Coventry received the lowest UK rating for customer service, scoring 7.38.

“It is possible that some guests here would even welcome the first hotel run by robots,” the site quipped.

The top 10 countries in Europe in terms of hotel customer service, friendliness and expertise of the hotel staff are:

1. Finland – 8.62

2. Germany – 8.59

3. Austria – 8.57

4. Hungary – 8.53

5. Slovakia – 8.52

6. Poland – 8.52

7. Switzerland – 8.49

8. Portugal – 8.45

9. Sweden – 8.44

10. Croatia – 8.42

Top 10 cities in the UK are:

1. Sheffield – 8.62

2. Leeds – 8.41

3. Bristol – 8.36

4. Cardiff – 8.31

5. Edinburgh – 8.25

6. Liverpool – 8.20

7. Glasgow – 8.18

8. Manchester – 7.95

9. Leicester – 7.75

10. London – 7.73