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​‘I have a problem with negroes’: UKIP councillor expelled for racism has ‘no regrets’

​‘I have a problem with negroes’: UKIP councillor expelled for racism has ‘no regrets’
A UKIP councillor has been expelled from the party after making “jaw-dropping” racist remarks during the BBC’s Meet the Ukippers program, which aired on Sunday.

The program follows the Channel 4 docudrama '100 Days of UKIP,' which received over 5,000 complaints for alleged anti-UKIP bias.

The BBC documentary shows a former UKIP councillor in the Thanet South seat confessing her dislike of black people, whom she refers to as “negroes.”

While talking to UKIP press officer Liz Langton Way on camera, she says the only people she has problems with are “negroes,” adding that she “doesn’t know why.”

Rozanne Duncan, 68, insists she is not racist, despite proclaiming she “really has a problem” with people with “negroid features.” She claims to have “no regrets” for making the comments.

Duncan was expelled from UKIP for the remarks in December.

At the time of her departure, a UKIP spokesman said: “UKIP is expelling Cllr Rozanne Duncan under rule 15 of its constitution for bringing the party into disrepute. She has 28 days to appeal.”

When Duncan attempted to justify why she dislikes black people, she said “it’s just something about their faces.”

She claimed her remarks were a “cry for help,” as she “doesn’t know why” she feels this way.

Speaking on the party’s decision to expel her, Duncan said: “There must be a hidden agenda.”

They wanted rid of me, that was it,” she said.

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UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who branded Duncan's comments “deeply racist,” said her views are “not what the party stands for.”

Duncan spoke to LBC Radio after the broadcast, and further claimed she “doesn’t want to look at black people.”

Duncan said seeing black people is “okay” when traveling to Caribbean nations, because “it’s their country.”

If you go to another country you should adapt to their ethos,” she added.

Her comments sparked outrage on social media, with many on Twitter expressing astonishment at her views. One person responded by branding UKIP as “horrendous” and “awful.”

Meanwhile, British commentator Piers Morgan sarcastically tweeted: “UKIP is racist? I’m stunned.”

Another person on Twitter said the documentary “proves that their councilors are racist & mainly pensioners.”

Others suggested the party has “shot themselves in the foot” for allowing one of its councillors to make such comments on TV.

However, one party supporter tweeted: “Don’t judge UKIP on the words of one idiot.”

Another person sympathized with Duncan: “Poor Rozanne, she clearly wants to understand her prejudice and feels guilty about her feelings and beliefs.”

If more people who hold such abhorrent views could approach it with inquisitiveness and desire to chance, then it would be better,” he added.