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Putin and Merkel news

Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel
Follow RT for the latest news and updates on relations between Russia and Germany, and particularly the relations between their leaders – President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. Relations between two leaders like relations between both states demonstrate cyclical patterns, moving back and forth from cooperation to tension. For a very long time the relations between Putin and Merkel and their countries were thriving, as Germany became the number one economic partner for Russia in many sectors, including gas once. Russia is the main gas supplier in Germany. Get the news and updates on the gas issues, which were caused by Ukraine and other factors throughout decades. Check out the news on worsening of relations between Putin and Merkel after citizens of Crimea voted to leave Ukraine and become a part of Russia. Merkel together with other Western leaders and members of NATO imposed sanctions on Russia, which worsen the relations between Putin and Merkel as well. However, Angela Merkel has recently been trying to find common ground and return back to normal. Follow RT on the stories on nice gestures from both leaders, including Putin presenting Merkel flowers in May 2018, which was suddenly condemned by those opposing Vladimir Putin and Russia. Don’t miss the news and updates on the meetings and negotiations between Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel, including the talks in Germany near Berlin on August 18, where leaders are going to discuss the most crucial issues, including Syria, Ukraine and economy. Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel very often take part in the same summits in different fields, including talks on Syria. For example, Putin and Merkel together with leaders of Ukraine and France, were involved in a summit on war in Donbass held in Minsk in February 2015, which was followed by a new deal. Read news on RT to find details and articles on that matter.