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Tim Cook news

Get the latest on US tech giant Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, and how big tech is teaming up with the US government to track its citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic here on RT. Keep up with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Twitter here on RT. Discover more with RT as US President Donald Trump asks trillion-dollar tech firm Apple’s CEO Tim Cook to work on US 5G networks, in a move to block Chinese tech giants’ influence. Dig deeper with RT on trillion-dollar tech giant Apple’s struggle between privacy and the US government. Read more on US President Donald Trump as he took to Twitter to question Apple CEO Tim Cook’s design of the new Apple iPhone. Check out more on how trillion-dollar tech giant Apple’s shares dropped after an iPhone designer quit. Keep up with the latest stories on Apple CEO Tim Cook and other tech giants such as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos here on RT. Check out RT for all the latest info on big tech, spying and surveillance. Read experts' opinions on Tim Cook news on RT.