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ISIS news

Visit RT to read news about ISIS. Don’t miss updates on ISIS news. Find all the news about ISIS terrorist attacks. Check out RT to read about ISIS’ battle with Syrian armed forces. Turn to RT for the latest on ISIS claiming responsibility for a rocket attack on a US military base in Afghanistan. Get all the news about the ISIS-linked couple on trial over a bid to kill a minister in Indonesia. Visit RT to read about ISIS terrorists’ murder of four Iraqi soldiers in Anbar. Don’t miss RT updates on Pakistan demanding that Afghanistan hand over one of the ISIS leaders who killed Sikhs in Kabul and was then captured by Afghan intelligence forces. Find all the news about ISIS inmates’ riots at Hasakah prison in Syria. Check out RT for the latest on ISIS urging its fighters to avoid Europe during the pandemic. Read experts’ and analysts’ opinions on ISIS news on RT, as well as on the political situation in the world in general.