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Blackouts in New York City

Get the latest news on blackouts in New York City, as parts of Manhattan suffered a widespread shortage of electricity, which affected traffic lights, subway stations, businesses, and tourist attractions all across Midtown and Upper West Side. The blackout was caused by a transformer fire at West 64th Street and West End Avenue, which caused a power surge and knocked out five more ConEdison substations – read more on RT.com. The Manhattan blackout didn’t stop a Carnegie Hall concert from proceeding, after a choir took their performance to the streets instead, thrilling New Yorkers with the impromptu entertainment in the dark – visit RT to find out more. As nighttime fell, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo assured the public that the authorities were doing their best to maintain order and ensure safety. During blackouts in New York, many people may be trapped inside elevators across the city’s high-rises for hours, with firefighters struggling to rescue them – stay with RT to be updated on this matter.