Alice Hibbert

  • Black smoke is seen from Homs refinery December 8, 2011, Syria (Reuters / SANA / Handout)
    Fighting in Syria continues ahead of observer mission
    Syria's opposition is divided over whether they need military help from outside in their fight against the government. The split became apparent as the country witnessed some of the fiercest battles in its nine-month-old crisis.
  • Frame grab shows a rocket being launched from the North Korean rocket launch facility in Musudan Ri (REUTERS / Reuters TV)
    KIMmortal: Death not the end as N. Korea tests missile
    North Korea has reportedly conducted at least one short-range missile test amid worldwide concerns that the death of Kim Jong-il could destabilize the most militarized region in the world.
  • North Korean soldiers look across a concrete border as a South Korean soldier (Lee Jae Won / Reuters)
    ‘US to sustain tension between Koreas because of China’
    Now, with North Korea’s young and inexperienced new leader, Kim Jong-un, having the keys to the country in his hands, the question is whether he will open the door or continue to keep it shut.
  • Drilling rig overturns in the Sea of Okhotsk
    37 missing as Russian oil rig sinks
    Rescuers have saved 14 of the 67 people who were on board a floating oil rig which capsized in the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia’s Far East, according to latest reports.
  • Serbia, Jarinje: A picture taken on December 13, 2011 shows a truck carring Russian aid at the Jarinje border crossing between Serbia and northern Kosovo. (AFP Photo / Sasa Djordjevic)
    Kosovo-bound Russian aid convoy finally gets green light
    A Russian convoy carrying humanitarian supplies has finally crossed into Kosovo after a deal between the EU and Moscow ended a three-day standoff.
  • Russia-EU summit. (RIA Novosti/Sergey Guneev)
    Russia ready to invest in eurozone – Medvedev
    President Dmitry Medvedev has offered Russia's help along with closer energy ties at the Russia-EU summit in Brussels, saying that Moscow is very interested in seeing the EU overcome its troubles.
  • Militants fired a rocket-propelled grenade at trucks loaded with fuel and supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan in the southwestern city of Quetta in Baluchistan province on Thursday, setting fire to 25 vehicles, police officials said. (REUTERS/Naseer Ahmed)
    Pay up! Pakistan puts price on US cooperation
    Pakistan’s decision to impose tax on US and NATO supplies going to Afghanistan through its territory is only a part of a broader package that Pakistan is discussing at the moment, Chris Woods of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism told RT.
  • David Cameron (AFP Photo / Eric Feferberg)
    UK takes first step towards EU’s exit door
    Twenty-six countries have accepted EU-wide treaty changes. Only Britain remains opposed. The development is the biggest split in the European Union in 50 years, British MEP Nigel Farage says.
  • Sergey Lavrov holds a press conference during the NATO foreign ministers annual gathering, at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, on December 8, 2011 (AFP Photo / Pool / J. Scott Applewhite)
    Good intentions temporary, military potential permanent – Lavrov
    As the North Atlantic Treaty Organization continues to promise that a US missile defense system in Europe is no threat to Russia, Moscow says it will be forced to take measures to ensure its security.