Tour de France winner Wiggins run over by car

Tour de France winner Wiggins run over by car
Tour de France cycling champ and London 2012 gold medallist, Bradley Wiggins, has been taken to hospital after a traffic accident not far from his home in the English town of Eccleston.

­Wiggins was on one of his regular training rides when he was hit by a car driving out of a petrol station.

"There was a loud screeching of tires and a rather big bang,”
garage attendant Yasmin Smith, who went to Wiggins' aid, told Sky News. “A customer said there'd been an accident so I shot out to see a gentleman on the pavement. He did look in a lot of pain with his ribs more than anything – he kept holding himself. His color changed in his face and he was deteriorating within minutes with the pain.I didn't realize, who he actually was until he got into the ambulance – I was more concerned about his health," she added.

Luckily the 32-year-old athlete avoided really serious injuries, escaping with a number of broken ribs, cuts and bruises.

Doctors say his life isn’t in danger and suggest Wiggins will have a speedy recovery and return to cycling.