Russia’s Olympians get their home away from home

The world is counting down the hours before the Summer Olympics kick off in Beijing. In a bid to boost its chances for gold, the Russian squad has got itself a home away from home in Beijing. The “Russian House” has opened by one of the city's

Chinese in look, but Russian in spirit, it has everything a Russian may need. The venue used to be an exclusive member’s club, and in some ways it still is, as hopefuls will need an official invitation from the Russian delegation, if they want to gain access.

One man who is sure to make it in is Russia's Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, who has arrived in the Chinese capital as the head supporter of his country's team.

The Russian Olympic Speed skating champion Svetlana Zhurova was impressed by the preparations.

“It's not my first time here, and every time I feel very good in China,” Zhurova said.