American athlete chooses Russian Olympic team

American athlete chooses Russian Olympic team
Becky Hammon, one of the most popular players in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), is caught in a controversy over her decision to join the Russian Olympic team. Labelled as a traitor by her American co

Under the impression that she would miss out on U.S. selection, Hammon claimed a spot on the Russian basketball team in the 2008 Olympics. She got Russian citizenship earlier in 2008 after signing a four-year contract with CSKA.

Hammon has no Russian roots. On the contrary, she is considered to be 100% American as she comes from the US heartland. The athlete believes her decision is rooted in a classic American ideal – freedom of action.

I didn't say no to USA Basketball,“ Hammon recently told the Houston Chronicle. ”I don't think people would be as upset if I was playing for Switzerland. God loves Russia just as much as God loves America.