Russian shines among world’s top cliff divers

Russia's own Artem Silchenko was second only to overall leader Gary Hunt in the third leg of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Tour in Kragers, Norway.

Some 12,000 people crammed on boats to watch the third leg of the diving series.

Russia's Artem Silichenko emerged as the main challenger to overall leader Gary Hunt of Britain, posting the highest score in his third and final attempt.

Yet there was simply no stopping the 26-year-old Brit. After unleashing his devastating Triple Quad in the second round of diving, Hunt confirmed his third win of the Series with a front quad somersault with a one-and-a-half twist pike.

Silchenko, whose score matched his second-place result back in Mexico, has moved above last season's champion Orlando Duque in the overall standings, but it was still not enough to please the Russian.

The Series’ next stop is in Switzerland, where Silichenko hopes to finally finish on top.