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21 Jul, 2009 07:29

Aquabikers settle scores in Moscow

Over 60 leading aquabikers from all over Russia came to the Russian capital to find out who is the best in the major disciplines of the sport during the weekend.

The first event was Runabout Limited. They say that taking the lead here usually gives you a 90% chance of success, and this time was no different, as shown by the undisputed favourite, multiple Russian champion Vladislav Pugachev.

Throughout the 25 minutes of the heat, he was always extending his lead over the others.

The next event to go was the Ski Division, where riders drive their jet skis in a stand-up position.

Russian master Aleksey Bykov was quick to dominate the heat. The 19-year-old faced no real competition on the road to his fourth straight domestic title.

“First, it’s just an excellent way to enjoy life to me. It’s an amazing feeling of rolling on the waves under the sun – that is so hard to describe. I would always prefer water to ground… I’m sure my skills come from my addiction to the sport,” Aleksey Bykov said.

It then came down to the most powerful event of the sport – the Superstock Aquabikes. Unlike the two previous contests this one saw a pretty close competition.

The Runabout Limited heat winner Vlad Pugachev was keen to get in the lead at first, but he was soon overtaken by his team mate Dmitry Batsurin, who was too resolute and passionate to let the long-anticipated title get out of his grasp.

“I wasn’t sure I would win as any race is unpredictable to certain extent. I was just starving for this win and felt like I was able to succeed… Last year I was in third, this year I have won a number of legs and trained a lot… So I said to myself – It’s time to make it,” Dmitry Batsurin said.