From skies to skis – new winter sport booming in Russia

Russia hasn't enjoyed the best of times in Winter Sports over the last couple of years but there's one area where Russia is leading the world - in the sport of para-skiing. RT caught up with the man to explain what this new discipline is all about.

It's not likely to become an Olympic sport any time soon, but Russia is proving to be world leader in the new sport of para-skiing.

The discipline involves parachuting onto a piste, donning the skis and slaloming one's way down to the bottom of the slope.

Para-skiing is certainly a sport that not that many people have heard about. However, it has plenty of potential to develop in Russia, with the number of new ski resorts popping up around the country, and especially given the success of the Russian team, who are the world leaders, this can only help to increase its popularity.

In his exclusive interview with RT Mark Potapov, the head coach of Russia's national team, explained how the sport evolved, outlined the problems it faces now and mulled over when it will appear in the Olympic program.