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London’s breath bated before biggest show on Earth

Everything is ready for in the British capital with just hours remaining before the opening ceremony of the XXX Summer Olympics.

After seven years of planning and at a cost of US$14 billion, the UK is finally ready to stage the biggest show on Earth.Russia has come to London with the aim of finishing third in the medals table, bringing just over 400 athletes to the event. Most of the country’s squad has now arrived at the Olympic village based within the Olympic Park in the north east of the city.During the Games, there will be a little piece of Russia in the center of the British capital as well. The Queen has kindly allowed the Russians to host events in one of the Royal Parks – Kensington Gardens.Visitors to Russia Park will have a chance to meet some of the Russian athletes, have fun at concerts and unearth some Russian culture.And if it's too hot, one may chill out at Sochi Park, showcasing presents the next Winter Olympics. The facility offers a chance to check out on the preparations for the 2014 Games, watch figure skating shows at an ice rink and explore what the 2014 host city has to offer. Thousands of people are expected to visit Russian venues in Kensington Gardens during the Olympics and it seems as though no one will leave disappointed.But not everybody is happy with their city hosting the Games, with some Londoners grumbling about the traffic restrictions in place in the center of the capital during the games.The city has gained some special Olympic lanes, linking all Olympic venues and making sure athletes and officials get to events on time.There are also some restrictions to the way roads can be used by regular drivers, especially in central London.The British capital is privileged to be hosting the Summer Olympic Games for the third time – the first city to do so – and most of its citizens are looking on the bright side, already enjoying and celebrating this fact.After the wettest June on record there has been lovely weather in London and the chances are high that the opening ceremony on Friday night won’t be spoiled by the traditional English rain.