Interview with Evgeny Plushchenko

Evgeny Plushchenko, Olympic champion in figure skating, joined Russia Today to comment on his contribution to Sochi Olympic bid victory.

Russia Today: You are one of many sports figures here in Guatemala. What do you feel you bring to Sochi’s Olympic bid hopes?

Evgeny Plushchenko: “If it depended only on my help, we would win, because I’m working a lot for it, from morning till night. It is something new to me, it is not figure skating but a very different job. I’m talking to people. Certainly, I won’t say what I’m going to do tomorrow, it’s a secret. But, you know, we are a big team. We have our President Vladimir Putin and I’m very happy because he supports us, he helps us. A lot of Olympic champions, a lot of athletes, and a lot of coaches are here. And I cross my fingers for our victory because this is a competition, this is the Olympic Games,” he said.