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21 Aug, 2008 07:47

Exhibition brings the Olympics to life!

With the help of photo journalists GUM store visitors have a chance not just to spend their money on trendy clothes, but to feel faster, higher and stronger -all for free. The Russian Information Agency “Novosti” is holding a photo exhibition

A photo display called “Olympic Games Day After Day” occupies the ground floor of the main store of the city.

Nadezhda Gubareva, the organiser of the event notes that in such a way as to present the story of the Beijing Olympics in a fresh, innovative way.

“This is a unique project, because this is the first display in Russia, that makes you feel the spirit of the Olympics, although you're far away from the city where it takes place”.

The Olympics are not over yet and the photo chronicle continues, as more and more pictures from Beijing's Olympics are constantly being added to the exhibition. It takes the photographers less then a day to reach their audience.

“The time zone difference between Moscow and Beijing is very lucky for us,” says Gubareva.

“We have about five hours to choose the best shots, print them and add them to the display.”

The exhibition is a big attraction for thousands of Muscovites and tourists visiting GUM. It’s not just about watching the Olympiad day after day, it’s also about enjoying the art of sport photography.

The display is on until September 8.