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Esimit Europa 2 continues record unbeaten run (VIDEO)

There is only one maxi yacht in the world, which sails under the European flag. The Esimit Europa 2 is unbeaten since she was launched in 2010. However, its latest victory, in the Palermo to Monte-Carlo regatta, was probably the hardest.

This boat is essentially the best Europe has to offer. The most advanced and probably the fastest maxi-yacht has a multinational crew promoting the idea of European unity.

Esimit Europa 2 has never tasted defeat since it first took to the water in 2010 smashing records as a matter of routine. On June 14, at the Giraglia Rolex Cup, the Esimit beat the previous record by over three hours with experts calling it the best ever sailing performance in the Mediterranean.

Now the brilliant blend of Europeans has gained some Russian flavor with Anton Sergeev making his debut in the Esimit crew in the Palermo to Monte-Carlo race, over the weekend.

“It's a great honor for me to be Russia's representative on such an outstanding boat, shoulder to shoulder with the likes of [skipper] Jochen Shumann and [navigator] Juan Vila, who are sailing's cream of the crop. This is a great chance for all of us to bring our skills together, and reach the top,” says Sergeev.

The first race for the Russian was expected to be a real challenge for the whole team, as the weather conditions were far from perfect.

“Unfortunately, we expect quite a light breeze. So it will be a big question if we should go to the west side of Sardinia-Corsica or the east side, or go through the middle. There are a lot of strategic options and we're obviously following the weather reports,” Shumann reflected before the race.

And the race proved to be one of the hardest tests for the Esimit team. Escaping the dead calms, Jochen Shumann's crew tried a brand new route near the Italian coast, which gave the yacht the lead in the dying minutes just 20 miles from the finishing line in Monte Carlo.

“It was a long one we knew it would not be a record. Actually, we trusted our forecast to go along the Italian coast. We made a very early decision to split to the right. And then we realized soon on the track that nobody else got,” says Shumann.

The risky tactic proved to be the winner with the team's victorious record remaining intact.

In the meantime, Esimit Europa 2 is once again challenging the elements on the course between Monaco and Porto Cervo, near Sardinia. This time the team of outstanding Europeans is going all out to beat another record set in 2003.