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1 Nov, 2022 18:05

Tennis-dad attacks young daughter in shocking footage (VIDEO)

The man protested that his daughter had not trained on a critical day
Tennis-dad attacks young daughter in shocking footage (VIDEO)

Serbian authorities have confirmed that they have arrested a Chinese national who was seen in a shocking video beating his 14-year-old daughter on a tennis court. 

The man was apprehended by officers from Palilula police station on the tennis courts at the Banjica sports club. 

After being detained for 48 hours, he was brought before Belgrade’s First Basic Public Prosecutor's Office to face a criminal complaint of domestic violence for which he could jailed between two and 10 years if convicted. 

Reports from Serbian media say the man didn’t deny responsibility for the attack. Instead, he tried to explain his conduct was a product of cultural differences. 

The father tried to justify his actions by saying his daughter had refused to continue training on a critical day, which is why he wanted her to return to the court. 

The man said that he didn’t intend to hurt the girl and believed he had acted correctly, arguing that the behavior was allowed in China, where hierarchy is respected.

After the hearing, an acting deputy requested that the suspect be ordered into custody due to being a flight risk, and also because of the way he had carried out the alleged crime. 

The tennis world was shocked by the video, which has been seen by almost two million people.

It shows the man first kicking his daughter and then striking her in the head. When she sits down on a bench, the father drags her to floor by her hair and kicks her in the legs several times.

Former world number one Victoria Azarenka was one of many prominent figures in tennis that expressed disgust with the clip, and questioned how onlookers could film the incident without stepping in. 

“I don't know who this person is, but wtf [what the f**k] is this?!? People filming for this long without intervening, absolute disgrace. And it happens so much, there has to be accountability. Please report who this person is if somebody knows,” the Belarusian demanded on Twitter.

“Wow disgusting!!! Sadly this happens ALL THE TIME but we sadly don't have it on film. Anyone who abuses their kids is just a POS [piece of sh*t,” said former Australian tennis player Rennae Stubbs on the same platform. 

Given the fact that the incident occurred in his homeland, ex-doubles world number one Pam Shriver wondered if Serbian tennis icon Novak Djokovic could intervene.

“OMG [Oh my God] we all need to report, and press charges against this kind of horrible abuse,” Shriver tweeted. 

“Let's ask for [Novak Djokovic] to help behind the scenes. We all need to work together to stop abuse. Igor thanks for doing your part,” she added, tagging the 21-time Grand Slam winner.