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3 Sep, 2022 07:11

One-armed MMA fighter launches ‘Khabib-style’ crowd attack (VIDEO)

Alexander Karapetyan responded furiously to insults directed his way
One-armed MMA fighter launches ‘Khabib-style’ crowd attack (VIDEO)

One-armed Russian MMA brawler Alexander Karapetyan went into Khabib Nurmagomedov mode after his latest fight by jumping out of the octagon to attack a spectator.

Karapetyan had been participating in a Siberian Fighting League (SFL) Summer Series bout where he tasted defeat. 

While giving a post-fight interview to explain what had gone wrong, he suddenly dropped the microphone and swiftly jumped over the octagon to attack a spectator.

The man had apparently hurled an insult at him, as reported by R-Sport.

Security had to step into diffuse the row, which was reminiscent of scenes that broke out after Russian MMA icon Nurmagomedov defeated Conor McGregor at UFC 229 in 2018, when the Dagestani infamously leapt out of the octagon and made for McGregor cornerman Dillon Danis.

The two fighters' camps then scuffled in and out of the cage, with Nurmagomedov later fined $500,000 and banned for nine months for his role in the fracas. 

Thus far there is no word on whether Karapetyan will be similarly punished for his outburst, but it isn't likely to deter him from further fights.

Losing his arm aged 18 after a severe illness, he continued to pursue a love of MMA despite the setback and made his debut in the amateur Siberian Fighting League in 2017.