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20 Jun, 2022 13:31

Row reignites between Russia’s Yan and ex-UFC double champ

Petr Yan called out former two-division champion Henry Cejudo, who responded to the challenge
Row reignites between Russia’s Yan and ex-UFC double champ

Former UFC bantamweight champions Petr Yan and Henry Cejudo have reignited simmering tensions after Yan called out the retired American via Twitter.

Yan is currently looking for an opponent after being on the wrong end of a split decision in his rematch with 135lbs champion Aljamain Sterling at UFC 273 in April.

With ex-two weight ruler Cejudo teasing a return to the octagon, and shut down by UFC president Dana White in his plans to immediately challenge featherweight top dog Alexander Volkanovski and try to conquer a third division, Yan has suggested that Cejudo should begin his comeback with him.

"Hey Henry Cejudo, you talked a lot when you were 'retired,'" Yan tweeted.

"Now it’s time to back it up," he added, to caption a hypothetical picture of the two being separated at a weigh in by White.

Never one to retreat from a social media duel, Cejudo fired back and teased Yan by saying: "If only you had the gold I would have loved to have buried [you]."

He then advised Siberian Yan, who resides in Yekaterinburg almost 3,000 kilometers away, to "go back" to Khabib Nurmagomedov's stomping ground Dagestan and learn how to grapple due to being "outwrestled by [a] Division III All-American" in Sterling.

"That wouldn’t be smart of you taking ]on] an Olympic champ after that [loss]. I’m after gold, hoe," Cejudo specified in reference to Sterling's crown, before signing off with his signature "Bend The Knee" hashtag. 

Yan was quick to remind Cejudo that he retired the day Yan become number one contender to his bantamweight belt and then "unretired on the same day I ceased to be the champion".

"Now you ducking me again [is] only proving those facts," he further claimed. 

Cejudo stepped in once more and said that Yan had lost to Sterling, who he called 'Aljolame', twice.

"Do you think the Olympic champ, two division UFC [champion] is going to play with sorry ass contenders?" he asked.

"Your fat ass, bald manager is going to get you hurt. I’ll give 20% off if you subscribe to my technique of the week. You know I’m getting the title shot next," Cejudo bragged.

With this the end of the back-and-forth for now, Cejudo then turned his attention to Sterling who he said "couldn't pin a tweet" when it comes to wrestling with a stand up game "worse" than Forrest Gump character Lieutenant Dan who famously lost his legs during the Vietnam War in the mid-90s box office smash. 

"Sign the contract – it’ll be a great Father’s Day gift from my second favorite son," he demanded.

Following this, 'Triple C' went further with the theme by posting a photo of himself with a baby Sterling in his lap. 

"I am so excited to announce my wife and I have adopted a new baby," he wrote"He’s a very talented actor and is very easy to put to sleep. Such a great Father’s Day!"

With Sterling still yet to have a foe lined up for his second title defense, likely opponents include TJ Dillashaw and Jose Aldo with Yan now at the back of the queue.

That's if Cejudo's wind-up tactics aren't successful in landing him the shot he craves, however, in what would be a first outing since he stopped Dominick Cruz in May 2020 to retain the belt Sterling currently owns. 

The fresh row between Cejudo and Yan is a continuation from when the Californian expressed a desire to beat 'ugly potato' Yan in Russia in front of his countrymen and women back in January.