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12 Apr, 2022 12:02

Brazilian coach fired after headbutting female official (VIDEO)

Rafael Soriano was sacked shortly after the shocking incident
Brazilian coach fired after headbutting female official (VIDEO)

Rafael Soriano, the now former coach of Brazilian lower-tier club Desportivo Ferroviaria, was fired from his job moments after a stunning incident where he headbutted female assistant referee Marcielly Netto during a heated confrontation which was captured live on television. 

Soriano was angered by the decision of the match's primary referee to signal for half-time before his side had a chance to take a corner kick - but as players crowded around the ref, Soriano launched his head at the female official.

Netto appeared hurt in the incident, as she put her hand to her face to check for damage after the scenes which took place in a cup game between Desportivo Ferroviaria and Nova Venecia on Sunday.

Soriano was immediately issued with a red card after the assault.

Incredibly, reports indicate that he attempted to blame Netto for his attack and said that she was using the fact that she was a woman to take some sort of advantage from the clash.

We tried to contact the assistant referee Marcielly Netto by phone to offer our apologies and assistance but were unable to reach her,” Desportivo Ferroviaria announced shortly after the game in a statement.

We reiterate our commitment to assist in whatever is necessary.

The club will also offer professional psychological assistance and will carry out actions to combat all types of violence against women inside and outside football stadiums.

The football association of Espirito Santo, who oversaw the game, have pledged to launch a full investigation into the incident. 

The bad day for Soriano was compounded by the fact that Nova Venecia won the game 3-1 and advanced to the semi-finals of the regional cup competition.