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18 Mar, 2022 14:41

Rising Russian MMA queen tells US rival ‘you’re next’ after taunts

Diana Avsaragova had words for fellow flyweight Valerie Loureda
Rising Russian MMA queen tells US rival ‘you’re next’ after taunts

Russian Bellator brawler Diana Avsaragova has called out US rival Valerie Loureda, warning her she is "next" on her quest to the flyweight title. 

Avsaragova is fresh off a win at Bellator 276 where she beat short-notice opponent Kyra Batara by unanimous decision.

Now 5-0 and looking for her next foe, the number-nine ranked Avsaragova called out 4-1 Loureda, who currently has her diary free, via an Instagram post.

Uploading a image to her account where she boasts 330,00 followers, Avsaragova had an arm raised tensing her bicep and left a simple 'you are next' message while tagging the Miami fighter.

A fight between the two photogenic fan favorites would perhaps come earlier than many expect, but they have been on a collision course ever since Loureda claimed not to have heard of the 23-year-old Russian. 

"She obviously knows who I am. I'm probably in her head right now – that's why she's saying that. I'm not going to be choosing opponents. I'll fight anyone who's in front of me, including her," said an irked 'Pantera' after previously touting a potential showdown.

"I see all my future opponents on the same level, and none of them are on my level," she then added. "I don't want to call anyone out because I'm going to roll everyone over. Whoever is in front of me will be behind me," Avsaragova added. 

The Akhmat Fight Club contender at 125lbs is starting to do just that, however, and teased a showdown in late January with a separate Instagram post.

Uploading a photo of the pair back to back with rising smoke fumes and a seemingly fragile Loureda, 23, appearing to break off into tiny shards of glass, Avsaragova asked: "Who would like to see this fight?" to roaring approval from online punters.

At the weekend, though, as Avsaragova was taking on Barata, Loureda finally addressed her by firing off a set of mocking tweets that questioned the quality of the fight, contained clown emojis, and saw her vow to knock Avsaragova out.

"A lot of people were sending me those messages, screenshots, and stuff," Avsaragova revealed to MMA Mania. "I just don’t get it because we offered her the fight. I was looking for a fight and I’m sure my managers offered her the fight.

"I posted on IG, she could have had a full camp to prepare to fight me but she was quiet and now all of a sudden she starts mentioning my name. So I’m ready anytime," Avsaragova vowed.

"To be honest, my goal is the belt so I want to get to the belt and she’s not ranked but I was ready for her, I was ready for her even in my debut fight in Bellator but it never got offered to me. So yeah, I want to get to the belt, obviously, to fight tougher opponents, but just to have a big name fight, I can fight her. That is all,” she concluded.

With both parties now showing interest in a potential battle, Bellator chief Scott Coker might be able to matchmake quite easily.