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14 Mar, 2022 12:05

Thai footballer fired for brutal elbow attack on rival (VIDEO)

Supasan Ruangsuphanimit reportedly required 24 stitches after the brutal attack from Aitsaret Noichaiboon
Thai footballer fired for brutal elbow attack on rival (VIDEO)

Bangkok FC immediately terminated the contract of a player who delivered a Muai Thai-style elbow KO on a member of the opposition that left his victim requiring numerous stitches.

The team from the Thai capital were losing their League 3 promotion play-off 3-0 to cross-city rivals North Bangkok University FC when Aitsaret Noichaiboon saw red in the 95th minute.

Taking offense to Supasan Ruangsuphanimit clipping his ankles as the ball trickled out for a throw-in, substitute Aitsaret dropped a brutal left elbow on the chin of the unsuspecting Supasan, who later required 24 stitches.

As Supasan lay motionless on the turf, teammates from the reigning metropolitan region champions North Bangkok University confronted Aitsaret, who was sent off by the referee and is rumored to be a part-time Muay Thai kickboxer.

Following the full-time whistle, the attacker's lot worsened as his contract was then terminated by his employers. 

“Bangkok FC would like to [take a] stand and not support the action,” stated the club on their Facebook page. “The club has canceled the contract of the player.

“The club would like to express our condolences for the incident, and will do everything possible to stop this happening again,” Bangkok FC added.

North Bangkok University provided an update on Supasan's condition and revealed that he had undergone a physical examination. 

“After seeing a doctor [they] found that the upper lip area has a severe wound. The doctor therefore sewed a total of 24 stitches to cover [it]. The club will provide care and responsibility,” they confirmed, adding that 19-year-old student Supasan will need two weeks to recover and that a CT scan revealed a fracture in a facial bone but no signs of brain abnormalities.

The Nation Thailand dubbed the attack "one of the worst acts of violence ever seen in Thai professional football" and relayed that North Bangkok University had filed a police report over the incident. 

Local sports authorities are yet to respond to the assault or discipline Aitsaret amid calls for him to receive a lengthy ban, with some fans suggesting that Supasan, who has been advised to eat liquid food "for a while," should also receive compensation from his assailant.

To this end, Assistant Professor Dr. Pattama Rupsuwankul, who is also the President of North Bangkok University FC, has revealed that a lawyer will be appointed to "take care of the case closely".