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6 Mar, 2022 14:25

Schwarzenegger, Logan Paul stunned as brutal slap fighting proves a hit (VIDEO)

A Polish model and a hulk known as 'Mad Max' were among the winners
Schwarzenegger, Logan Paul stunned as brutal slap fighting proves a hit (VIDEO)

Legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger and YouTube sensation Logan Paul hosted the brutal Slap Fighting Championship in Ohio – and the rookie boxer was stunned by the violence on show.

Maksymilian 'Mad Max' Lesniak floored Nikolas 'Predator' Toth in their contest at the 2022 Arnold Classic, leaving Paul open-mouthed as he watched Toth tumble backwards on the stage.

"This is absurd," added Paul on social media, having been uncharacteristically lost for words during the hit event.

Two minders could be seen catching Toth as a huge roar went up in the packed venue after he took the huge shot.

Powerhouse Schwarzenegger appeared to be calmer as he watched the shattering blow while sitting in a chair next to Paul.

"Dream come true," Paul later added, having screened the smackdown live on his hugely popular YouTube channel.

Known for its feats of strength, the Classic is clearly continuing to branch out with a variety of unusual sporting contests.

Former Governor of California Schwarzenegger also used the word absurd to describe what appeared to be a form of medieval jousting being performed by people in armor on horseback.

Schwarzenegger's son, Patrick, filmed one of the slap knockouts while expressing his amazement.

"This guy gets knocked out cold," he reported. "Oh my god. Knockout. Wild sport."

Elsewhere in the slap showdowns, Koa 'Da Crazy Hawaiian' Viernes stayed on his feet but lost his gumshield as he took a huge hit from Dawid 'Zales' Zalewski in a third-round knockout.

Bearded behemoth Zalewski roared with delight after his win, having sent wincing Viernes staggering back into the arms of the three large men needed to keep him upright.

Hugely popular model, TV personality and fighter Adrianna Sledz lost her only MMA fight in 2021 but hit back to beat Julia Kruzer via decision.

Michal 'Kucik' Kuciński also beat Mateusz 'Kazek' Kazmierczak and Pater Truchlik defeated Karol Wylupek. Both men won courtesy of the judges.