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4 Mar, 2022 16:51

Footage emerges of UFC star’s high-speed chase which led to attempted murder charge (VIDEO)

Video footage has appeared online appearing to show the high-speed chase which led to the arrest of Cain Velasquez
Footage emerges of UFC star’s high-speed chase which led to attempted murder charge (VIDEO)

Cell phone footage has been posted online which allegedly shows a car being driven by former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez chasing another vehicle in an incident which led to the ex-fighter shooting one of the occupants.

The retired fighter, 39, has been charged with attempted murder, among other charges, and could face a 20-year prison sentence if he is convicted.

Per reports online, Velasquez was in pursuit of a man, 43-year-old Harry Goularte, who had been charged with the molestation of an underage relative of Velasquez. The ex-fighter is understood to have shot his stepfather in the incident. 

The man in question is expected to survive his injuries, according to reports.

The dramatic footage shows Velasquez's black SUV pursuing another vehicle which appears to have damage towards its right rear side. Reports suggest that this is the result of Velasquez's car striking it. 

The high-speed chase was said to have extended for more than 11 miles, after which Velasquez was arrested at around 3.15pm, according to the San Jose Police Department in California.

Velasquez's apparent actions apparently came after a close relative of his stated that they had been repeatedly abused by Goularte at a daycare facility run by his mother.

Goularte has been hit with a felony charge for a 'lewd and lascivious act with a child under the age of 14'.

Velasquez remains in police custody at the Santa Clara County main jail. An arraignment is expected to take place on Monday, when a judge will likely decide if he can be bailed.

Velasquez, a former two-time UFC heavyweight champion, was a training partner of fellow UFC champions Khabib Nurmagomedov, Daniel Cormier and Luke Rockhold. 

He last fought in early 2019 when he was defeated by current UFC champion Francis Ngannou. He retired from mixed martial arts several months later.

During his career, Velasquez defeated the likes of Brock Lesnar, Junior Dos Santos and Antontio 'Bigfoot' Silva.