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20 Dec, 2021 13:37

‘What do you think, motherf**ker?’ Tyron Woodley’s mom explodes at fan after Jake Paul KO (VIDEO)

‘What do you think, motherf**ker?’ Tyron Woodley’s mom explodes at fan after Jake Paul KO (VIDEO)

Deborah Woodley, mother of Jake Paul knockout victim Tyron, was involved in a heated confrontation with a fan shortly after witnessing her son's sixth-round defeat to the YouTube star this past weekend in Florida.

'Mama Woodley', as she is affectionately known, is one of the more beloved figures to exist on the periphery of combat sports and has been an omnipresent figure throughout much of her son's career in the cage and, more recently, in the boxing ring.

She has been noted on several occasions commiserating or congratulating her son's opponents, such as the heartfelt embrace she gave Liverpool's Darren Till after Tyron submitted him in their world title bout in September 2018, as well as doing the same to a tearful Kamaru Usman after he abruptly ended her son's UFC welterweight championship reign some months later.

Lately, though, Mama Woodley has been doing a whole lot more congratulating of her son's opponents than commiserating, and after witnessing what turned out to be Tyron's sixth successive defeat last Saturday night – by a brain shuddering knockout no less – it all proved a bit too much for her when she was confronted by a fan on her walk away from the ring.


"What went wrong for [Tyron] tonight?" asked the fan, thrusting his cell phone into her face.

"What the f*ck do you think motherf*cker?!" she shot back. "What is wrong with you?"

Mrs. Woodley was then separated from the inquisitive questioner by a team of burly security guards, with the fan attempting to explain himself by saying that he merely "asked a question, bro."

Judging by the fight, however, it was easy to understand Mama Woodley's frustration. Her son, a multiple time UFC champion, stepped in to the fight on just two weeks' notice after the injury withdrawal of original opponent Tommy Fury – a move which even prompted Paul to gift his rival a valuable Rolex watch as a gesture of thanks for stepping up.

That was where the charity ended. A largely dull affair ended with the earth-shattering KO in the sixth as Paul's overhand right connected flush to Woodley's chin, face-planting him to the canvas in the process and serving up yet another slice of humble pie to 'The Problem Child'.

The usually placid Mrs. Woodley also reacted furiously to an incident at the weigh-ins for her son's first fight with Paul back in August after a member of Paul's team exchanged words with her, prompting Tyron to step in as well as subsequent apology from the YouTuber.

"This was the wrong time to ask her literally right after it happened come on man," responded one person on Twitter to the footage.

"I don't even need the volume to understand what she said," noted another.

"She hugged and celebrated with Jake and his family," said a third. "Got mad at a simple question."

As for her son, it remains to be seen where Tyron Woodley goes next after what is almost certainly the most dispiriting loss of his entire career - and it will remain to be seen if Mama Woodley would be able to handle the sight, or any ensuing questions, about what could potentially be a seventh loss in a row for a fighter once considered to be the best in the world. 

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