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27 Nov, 2021 11:22

‘Russia-based insults’ spark row between NHL star Panarin & Canadian rival (VIDEO)

‘Russia-based insults’ spark row between NHL star Panarin & Canadian rival (VIDEO)

NHL stars Artemi Panarin and Brad Marchand on the sidelines of Friday night’s game between the New York Rangers and Boston Bruins after Marchand allegedly made “Russia-based insults” towards his rival.

The pair were seen exchanging words across the benches towards the end of the game at TD Garden in Boston before Russian star Panarin took off his left glove and hurled it at Marchand.

The duo were both handed misconduct penalties for the incident. Marchand later remained tight-lipped on what had caused the scenes.

“We were just asking each other how Thanksgiving dinner was,” said the Canadian, who is known for his knack of winding up opponents on the ice. “He didn't like what I ate.”

Panarin was not available for comment to shed light on his side of the story but according to New York Post reporter Larry Brooks, comments involving Russia has sparked the altercation.

Marchand allegedly “invoked Vladimir Putin’s name and suggested that no Russian likes [Panarin],” according to the report.

Panarin scored and assisted as the Rangers won the match 5-2.

If accurate, Marchand’s comments may have concerned a row surrounding Panarin in his homeland after he publicly stated his support for opposition figure Alexey Navalny earlier this year.  

Panarin was later at the center of historical assault allegations which claimed that he had attacked an 18-year-old woman at a bar in Latvia in 2011.

Panarin vehemently denied the claims and was also supported by the Rangers, although he did take a brief leave of absence from the team.