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11 Nov, 2021 13:28

‘Bet your man wants to see them’: Bare-knuckle brawlers Gonzalez & Hart spar over ‘fake t*ts’ in hilarious exchange (VIDEO)

‘Bet your man wants to see them’: Bare-knuckle brawlers Gonzalez & Hart spar over ‘fake t*ts’ in hilarious exchange (VIDEO)

The art of fight promotion has been carefully crafted through decades of animosity in the squared circle but when it comes to bare-knuckle boxers Pearl Gonzalez and Britain Hart, the results were a little more X-rated than usual.

Former UFC fighter Gonzalez is set to make her second appearance in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship ring against professional boxer (and Paige VanZant conqueror) Britain Hart on Friday – but fight fans were treated to an appetizer during Wednesday's chaotic press event in Florida when the two bare knuckle beauties sparred over 'fake' Louis Vuitton outfits and breast implants.

Gonzalez, who went 0-2 in the UFC before posting an impressive 4-2 record in the all-female mixed martial arts fight league Invicta, refused to cede an inch of ground to Hart – and targeted the 31-year-old prizefighter with an accusation that her glitzy outfit was little more than a two-dollar forgery.

"Sit your a** down," Gonzalez hurled at her rival. "Looking busted with your fake-a** Louis Vuitton. Sit your ass down, b*tch."

This was the only invite that Hart needed.

"Hey you know what? My fake-a** Louis Vuitton, at least it's not two fake pair of t*ts," she shot back to howls of laughter, particularly from fight veteran Luis Palomino, who couldn't hide his smile.

"Hey I know you want to see these, I bet your man wants to see them too!" said an angry Gonzalez.


"Yeah, he was in my DM's," she added, claiming that Hart's husband – fellow bare knuckle boxer and former UFC star Joey Beltran – had been casting wayward glances online.

The back-and-forth was one of several chaotic scenes ahead of Friday's BKFC22 event which is to be topped by a world title fight between Hector Lombard and Lorenzo Hunt – which saw Hunt, a boxer and MMA fighter, approach Lombard during the event and instigate a melee after he stole his title belt and smashed it to the floor.

The animosity between the two was visible throughout, with the fight coming after Lombard punched Hunt in the ring several weeks ago when they were being squared off for photo opportunities to promote their upcoming fight.

The event, though, remains under a veil of negative publicity following the recent death of BKFC fighter Justin Thornton who passed away several weeks after being knocked out during a fight with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

The controversial fight league continues to thrive and has attracted the likes of Paige VanZant and former multiple time UFC title challenger Chad Mendes to its ranks, as well as hosting the high-profile match-up between Conor McGregor sparring partners Artem Lobov and Paulie Malignaggi.