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10 Nov, 2021 14:14

NFL star Dalvin Cook claims ex-girlfriend held him at GUNPOINT as pair trade abuse allegations

NFL star Dalvin Cook claims ex-girlfriend held him at GUNPOINT as pair trade abuse allegations

Minnesota Vikings star running back Dalvin Cook claims that his former partner broke into his house and held him and guests at gunpoint for several hours last year as he counters claims of assault, battery and false imprisonment.

US media report that Cook, 26, had been named in a lawsuit as having allegedly assaulted a former girlfriend during a heated confrontation in his home in November of last year, with the player being hit with a string of allegations per court documents observed by Minneapolis' Star Tribune.

However, the developing story took a dramatic turn when Cook's legal representative, Dave Valentini, alerted the media to his client's side of the story and alleged that the woman in question, Gracelyn Trimble, a sergeant in the US Army, had assaulted Cook and later tried to extort the NFL player for millions of dollars.

According to the lawsuit, Trimble had flown to Cook's residence with the intention of ending their relationship and retrieving her personal belongings before their confrontation turned violent.

Per the reports, she has accused Cook of giving her "a concussion, leaving a scar on my face and taking me through hell". The lawsuit further alleges that she used mace on Cook before going into his bedroom to retrieve a gun and calling a personal friend for help.

She added that Cook attacked her with a broomstick and that he repeatedly threatened to kill her while pointing a gun at her head.

Per NFL.com, photos included with the lawsuit showed screen-shots of a text message exchange between the two in which Trimble wrote: "Dalvin My [sic] face is so messed up I probably won't even get to go see my family for thanksgiving [sic]."

Cook responded: "And I'm sorry for that! But the situation just got out of hand from the jump."

When she returned to Florida after the incident she told medical personnel that she had sustained the injuries in an ATV accident and failed to mention any details of the alleged confrontation. 

However, the version of events put forward by Cook and his legal team makes for drastically different reading. 

Per Valentini, Trimble is alleged to have used a stolen garage door opener to illegally enter his residence at which point she attacked Cook and a houseguest with mace, while also forcing the player and other guests to remain at the scene at gunpoint. Subsequent reporting has indicated that one of the people attacked was Cook's cousin.

Valentini has also alleged that Trimble has been attempting to extort Cook for millions of dollars in the months which followed. 

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The Minnesota Vikings have acknowledged the reports with a statement: "We recently received notification from Dalvin Cook’s legal representative regarding a situation that occurred between Dalvin and a female acquaintance in November 2020 and led to an ongoing dispute between the parties.

"Upon learning of this, we immediately notified the NFL. We are in the process of gathering more information and will withhold further comment at this time."

The NFL, meanwhile, said that it has been notified of the allegations and has declined to comment further.

Cook was selected by the Vikings with the 41st pick of he 2017 NFL Draft and to date has scored 40 touchdowns in 51 games for the team.

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